Being Grateful for Richard Dawkins

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I just finished listening to the Audible Audiobook version of  The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True.  I don’t think I learned a lot that I didn’t know, but I enjoyed every moment of the book.  Clear, entertaining, often humorous.  I’d like every child in America to hear it.   It rings of truth with every word, and it would be a wonderful beginning for a young mind.  Richard and his wife take turns reading, and I found myself thinking they are lucky to found one another.

I’m similarly lucky, and I know that I greatly appreciate not having to hide myself at home.  It’s hard enough to stay underground with my family of origin, and it’s even more difficult to be quiet in the workplace,  while listening to fundamentalist, conservative rubbish.  Of course, having seen the treatment of other rational people, I still think it’s worthwhile to stay in the secular “closet” there.  I’m still surprised that an environment composed almost entirely of engineers can support such superstitious people, and that they feel so free to demonize those who disagree with them.

I noticed that there’s a  “Reason Rally” in March of this year.  I’m hopeful I can make that.  It would be awfully refreshing to be lost in a mass of reasonable people.  I remember how the early Obama rallies felt, with a hugely diverse crowd of warm caring and hopeful people, and I suspect that a rally of atheists would feel the same.   I’ve lost faith in Obama to represent my views, but I haven’t lost faith in humanity.

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