Blackwater. Perfect Christians.

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I’ve been struggling for a while to come up with a name for the dangerous, intolerant sort of Christian that I think are so scary. You know the sort, the ones defending torture while talking about Jesus. The one’s unable to see the evil done in America’s name, unable to empathize with any human outside their narrow cult, and ready to throw out those in at the slightest transgression. The ones shocked other people can still disagree with them. They look like garden variety sociopaths, but their entitlement runs deeper.

I think I have it. Blackwater Christians.

The 2007 Blackwater Christmas card:

Front picture, Christmas Ornament hanging from a bough, with a map background in the ornament and the three wise men superimposed on that background.


A Christmas wish that Christ’s great love,
His grace and goodness, too
May fill your heart and bless you now
and all the whole year through

May the Lord Jesus truly bless you during this wonderful season
as you rejoice with family and friends

Blackwater Worldwide

What better way is there to shield murder, greed, theft, incompetence, lies and abuse of innocents than wrapping yourself in some good old fashioned self righteous Jesus love? Here is the epitome of evil and hypocrisy, and it’s typical of the thinking of many fundamentalists. When you hear “God will sort them out” or “God is on our side” you’re talking to one of these theocratic monsters, or worse, one of the scum pandering to them. Currently our government and our military are riddled with these dangerous lunatics bent on control. Check out the group founded by an Air Force chaplain forced out by wacko Evangelicals (Turn down your sound first. The site has annoying sounds)

The only religious freedom Blackwater Christians want is the freedom to kill to heathens and shove their religion into your life. We can’t get these people out of charge quickly enough.

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  1. Virginia Says:

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    Loved this! I crossposted it.

    I’ve been struggling for a way to express the nature of their SIN, myself! By that I mean, evil is humans hurting other humans and they sure do that, don’t they? In all sorts of ways. They are a real “blot” on the environment.

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