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OK. I’m out. I don’t believe in any form of supreme being whatsoever. None. Haven’t ever really. Not when I was kid, not when I was an altar boy. Not in sunday school. It’s just never made sense to me. Lord knows I’ve tried (hmmm. Am I entitled to say that?) Sometime I’ll have to talk about the Baptist “Christian dating group” I tried to attend. Closest to religion I can get is a huge warmth for the coolness of Buddist thought, particularly yogacara. I’m your basic garden variety unbeliever. But I enjoy Unitarian services.

For the last 20 plus years I’ve kept my mouth shut in the workplace and the community. I work with really smart people and some are young earth creationists or super fundamentalists or all manner of conservative brethren. My ex-wife’s family had the most dogmatic fundamentalists I’ve ever meet, and I really respected some of them.

I listen, and I try like hell not to judge, and I’ve found that a sincere interest in your faith is the best way for me to avoid spilling the beans on mine.

I’m finally willing, albeit anonymously , to talk about it publicly. I’ve gone over the atheistic edge and I have to start writing about it after years of hiding from (and among) the conservative fundamentalists.

I can be reached via email at namelessheathen at gmail dot com

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